Long-standing partnerships and continuous investments in know-how and technology are the basis of our service offer around the materials gray and ductile iron. In addition just now we develop technological and material alternatives and thus a competitive advantage in close cooperation with our customers. The safe production of sophisticated special materials in constant quality such as ADI, Ni-Resist and SiMo or of customer-specified alloys based on DIN EN 1563 provide great potential of benefits for users from different industries.
Also in 2016, we organized for designers and employees of the technical divisions of our business partners a Technology – Event. Alternating between lectures and company visits we offered just younger designers more insight into holistic design and development of the first brilliant idea to a casting – ready to assemble.

Topics ranged from survey lectures for foundry industry and the available technology (processes, machines and equipment), a structural focus (with foundry process simulation and the know-how of casting design – matching the specific production procedure ) to material related contributions (gray and nodular (ductile Plus) with Ausferritic Cast Iron (ADI), SiMo and Ni-resist) up to the possibilities of additive manufacturing (both general engineering as well as in the prototype phase in a foundry) and the (often little-known) details of delivery and standardization for cast iron materials incl. non-destructive material testing.
As expected, the factory tour was well admitted but also the presentations were very well received and of high interest. At the end as every year the daily meetings were finished with sketches on paper napkins during the evening – and diverse detail requirements, we will work through in the coming months.