As a fifth-generation family-run midsized business, for the last century and a half we have striven towards our dual goals of excelling in innovation while maintaining traditional work ethics and qualitative excellence. Over the years, our highly qualified trained personnel, years of experience, and ongoing investment in the future, while continuing to develop in all of our represented sectors, have together formed the core elements of flexible and reliable partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

In addition to our manufacturing concentration on small- and mid-sized series production, an additional focus has for years been specialty and custom materials. Our product palette is typically based on standard ductile (SG) cast iron. Among other materials, our specialties include ductile cast iron with increased strain capability (in particular for use in trailer hitches). We also offer high-temperature materials such as quality SiMo alloys (high-temperature applications up to 700° C /1290° F), as well as Ni-based high-temperature alloys (applications up to 1000° C/1830° F). And not least, we are involved with the relatively new material class of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI). These materials offer a favourable (especially in terms of cost), lighter alternative for highly stressed, safety-critical components and/or parts heavily exposed to wear and tear, as opposed to traditional forged components or steel/aluminium castings.