There are over 600 foundries in Germany. Every year, about 1000 new apprentices start their training in these companies in a modern, future-proof profession. At Brechmann-Guss four young colleagues started their professional life on August 1st. While our two new colleagues of the training course foundry mechanics will acquire knowledge in handling systems for moulding and casting, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits and liquid metals, our future industrial and IT clerks will deal with commercial and business management tasks in materials management, sales and marketing, human resources, finance and accounting as well as the field of information processing.

As a medium-sized company, Brechmann-Guss has been closely integrated into the local economic structures for many years and over 5 generations. Our company, which partly employs employees in the 2nd, 3rd and even further generations, is now and also in the future looking for reliable and committed employees for production, planning and administration and (after appropriate further training) also for the management of various departments.