Brechmann-Guss – a Family-Run Company for more than 140 years

For the last 5 generations, the business of our company has been our customers and their needs. We consider the relationship with our customers to be our highest goal, and we make it a priority to react quickly and come up with solutions based on their requirements. In this vein, we also make relationships with our suppliers a priority.

Our goal is to provide our customers with products and services both on schedule and in the best possible quality. This philosophy has allowed us to create and solidify partnerships over many years of working together.

Our site in Schloss Holte-Stuckenbrock means more than just responsibility and tradition to the owners – it also means job security and continuity to all of our employees. The next generation of both owners and workers are ready and eager to lead the company into the future.

This tradition is documented by our mission; this mission statement is provided here with the aim of giving our employees ethical guidelines for their work, as well as offering our customers a useful insight into who we are.

From Deep-Seated Roots, Reaching Dynamically towards the Future

As the times change, so must we as a supplier. We have developed our business to become a system-wide supplier offering all-around services. In order to do so, we strive towards development of firm partnerships with our customers, reliable cooperation, and open communication.

Keeping Quality in View

Our European customers are competing on a global stage. In order to provide the best possible support on the same scalewe have certifications from all notable certification bodies, are quite familiar with the relevant industrial standards, and are continually working to optimize our processes and procedures.

Sustainable Industry for a Healthy Environment

We want our foundry to be as clean as possible. Our employees perform their jobs meticulously and with a constant eye to environmental consciousness, and our technology is state-of-the-art. We firmly believe that this contributes to positive improvements in both service and final quality. BRECHMANN-GUSS is committed to both maintaining and systematically improving our energy-management system, as well as to achieving our strategic energy goals. As an energy-efficient business, BRECHMANN-GUSS monitors and optimizes energy use in all of the relevant processes. We also ensure that the necessary resources are available to fulfil the goals we have set ourselves, and we begin monitoring energy efficiency right from the start of the chain, during purchasing.

Technical Mastery and Personal Cooperation

The demands of the next generation are important to us; we see in them both the foundations of what we will achieve today, as well as the fulfilling the requirements that will be placed on future generations of employees.

In this sense, we strive towards continual improvement in our processes and towards a constructive approach to mistakes or miscommunication. For that reason, we are always open to opinions and suggestions from both customers and employees.

Motivated employees can also offer constructive advice, and they foster the direct exchange of know-how and experience with customers. Our goal in doing so is to generate optimum solutions and to learn from each other, together.