Which foundryman does not know the problem? Every optimization of product quality for a certain detail results in a rat tail of negative effects or additional technical measures elsewhere. This is also true for the surface quality of the sand cores that reproduce the internal geometries of the castings. The sand structure is formed on the component surface – if you want to improve it, you have to use finer sand or coat the core with lacquer. Finer sand means poorer compactability/moldability and changes the entire production spectrum. And the use of water-based lacquers, the so-called “coating”, leads to increased gas development during casting and thus increased scrap if the cores are not dried beforehand. In order to continue to meet the quality demands of our customers, we have invested in additional core drying capacities. Since spring 2020, we have had 2 new core drying chambers at our disposal, which ensure the process-oriented availability of the core requirement of a working day.