Since 1877
our customers and their requirements have been the focal point of our business.
Quality through Automation
Our fully automated casting line was commissioned and put into use in 2010.
Scrap Iron Melted Down for Re-Use
Not a single gram is wasted.

High quality and flexible service are the primary guidelines for our roughly 200 employees

Since 1877, the business of our company has been our customers and their needs.
At our premises in Schloß Holte-Stuckenbrock, the Brechmann family (now in the fifth generation) has stood at the helm of the company and have guided it based on the principles of striving to excel in innovation, while at the same time maintaining traditional work ethics and qualitative excellence.

Over the years, the midsized company has learned through our long-term partnerships and has made continual investments in new technologies and “know-how” – both in terms of the hardware seen in our production lines and our equipment, as well as in software, such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems, CAE (computer-aided engineering) programs, and computer simulations of the casting process.

High quality and flexible service are the primary guidelines for our roughly 250 employees. We see ourselves as system-wide suppliers and can deliver the components that we have developed together ready to be installed, partially mounted, and/or finished as desired, in small or midsized batches. We will accompany your product life cycle from the initial idea, during the design and prototyping phase, through series production, to part replacement/renewal and the eventual disposal or recycling phase.

In addition, we work closely with our customers to generate technological and material alternatives, and thus to secure competitive economic advantages. Series production of high-performance specialty materials such as ADI, Ni-Resist, SiMo, or additionally determined alloys based on the German standard DIN EN 1563 offers a major source of potential for generating advantages for a variety of users.

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For more than 5 generations, our customers and their needs have been the centre of our business.


Customer satisfaction is our highest goal. Questions? Something we can help you with? Please get in touch!


Moulding Machine

Moulding Machine

Our semi- automatic moulding machine with extended cooling line is equipped with Seiatsu-airflow molding technology for high and equable mould compression. There we produce small- and medium series (starting with 20 boxes) by casting weights of 30 up to 250 kg.
The flask size is 1000*800*350 (350) mm.

    Melting Shop

    Melting Shop

    The melting shop is equipped with 3 medium frequency-crucible furnaces, which allow each a melting rate of 4 t / h. Charge makeup is done by a magnetic crane system and three railed

    automatic charging conveyors. Melting process is controlled, steered and documented by a central computing system.

    By the use of special alloyed foundry pig iron (supplied by selected suppliers) an excellent chemical composition reliability of the different iron qualities combined with high production flexibility is guaranteed.

    Additionally a certain amount of energy recuperation through waste heat utilisation (company
    heating) is connected to the melting process.

      Cold-Box cores

      Cold-Box cores

      Cold-Box cores will be made from a mixture of special silica sand and a resin-catalyst system in a „cold“ core-box without any heat treatment. Brechmann-Guss has many years of experience with the production of Cold-Box cores and offers a wide range of services:
      • 6 Core shooting machines: Capacity 2,5; 5; 9; 12; 16 and 40 litre
      • Product-specific core-sand recipes
      • Chrome ore sand cores
      • Water- and alcohol-based coating
      • 2 core drying furnaces
      • Core assembly
      In 2005 we have upgraded and enlarged our core shop. As a specialist for complex castings, we produce more than 2.500 different types of cores every year.


        • 2019: New computer-supported, certified test equipment management system
          Compressed air system modernized (especially new compressor system)
        • 2018: New sand laboratory with central process control system
          Modernisation of control system for sand preparation
          Extension of energy management system
        • 2017: Renewal of sand bunker, replacement of core shooters
        • 2016: Forklift and pallet truck inventory renewed, new hardness testing machine2015: Addition of a computer-controlled universal testing machine to the metrology laboratory
        • 2015: Addition of a new computer-aided tensile testing machine to the measuring laboratory
        • 2014: Commissioning of a CNC milling machine and 5-axis CNC lathe
        • 2013: Replacement of sand preparation units, remodelling of mould-production unit 1; expansion of metrology department through acquisition of FARO 3-D laser measurement unit ISO 50.001 certification for energy management; Expansion of premises through purchase of neighbouring property containing warehouse; First Technology Days offered at Brechmann-Guss as training and information opportunities for our customers
        • 2012: Installation of high-end dedusting system
        • 2011: Expansion of production technology/planning department through addition of positions specifically for simulation of casting processes
        • 2010: Replacement of mould production unit 1
        • 2008: Modernization of shot-peening unit in mould production 2; Expansion of mould production unit 1 with a cooling zone
        • 2007: Expansion of melting facility: addition of third induction melting furnace
        • 2006: Expansion of mould production 2: cooling unit and further production automation
        • 2005: Expansion of core production
        • 2002: 125-year celebration with 190 employees; expansion of melting capacity with installation of a second electrical switchgear
        • 1998: Commissioning of a second partially-automated mould production unit and dedusting system
        • 1991: New melting facility with two mid-frequency induction melting furnaces (4 tonne capacity each); Certification for production of pressure vessels according to AD-2000 Merkblatt W0 regulations (old version)
        • 1972: First German foundry to be licensed to produce GGG (ductile cast iron) fittings rated up to 40 bar – Brechmann-Guss assumes historic role as industry leader  in SG cast iron fittings
        • 1969: Expansion of melting capacity through acquisition of second 4-tonne vacuum induction melting furnace
        • 1964: Construction of new, modern production hall for machine-produced castings under supervision of sons Heinrich and Anton Brechmann
        • 1911: Company-developed agricultural products such as turnip slicers protect the company (now led by Heinrich’s son Josef) from tough times
        • 1877: Founding of Brechmann-Guss on 27 April in Stukenbrock by the German „Formermeister“ (Foundry Master) Heinrich Brechmann

        We want our foundry to be as clean as possible; we hold the firm conviction that sustainable industry is a key component in securing the future of our company. Our employees perform their jobs meticulously and with a constant eye to environmental consciousness, and our technology is state-of-the-art. We firmly believe that this contributes to positive improvements in both service and ­final quality.


        We provide high-quality castings for numerous industries and commercial sectors

        • Fittings and Pumps

          Air- and water-tight castings for all types of pressurized media and with all of the necessary industrial certifications

        • Rail Technology

          Production of safety-critical components as a Q1-supplier for Deutsche Bahn (German Rail)

        • Commercial Vehicles and Engines

          Heat-resistant materials such as SiMo or Ni-Resist, as well as dynamically highly-stressed parts made of ADI and our own Duktil Plus

        • Drivetrains and Gearing

          Precision castings and wear-resistant materials such as ADI

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