Our primary competencies are in production of grey cast iron and cast iron with spheroidal graphite.

Brechmann-Guss recognized the advantages of as well as the possibilities offered by SG cast iron (at the time still known as GGG – Gray Iron with Globular Graphite) as early as 1967. This led to investment in both technical systems and employee education and qualification related to its production in order to ensure high-quality production.

This targeted strategy and successful progression together with our customers have cemented our position today as experts across the spectrum of cast iron materials.

Our product palette covers a broad range, starting from SG cast iron with increased strain or SiMo-alloys. The spectrum extends to the relatively new material class ADI ; these materials are particularly intriguing in terms of cost considerations for high-stress and/or high-wear, safety-critical components in comparison to traditional forged parts or steel/aluminium castings, as ADI offers a cost-effective alternative with excellent loading characteristics. 

Our core competencies in the production of gray iron (GG, GGL, EN-GJL) and cast iron with spherical/nodular graphite (GGG, GJS, EN-GJS) are situated in the many variants that are available for each sort; above all, however, we are focused on the incredibly flexible modifications to their properties that are possible with the right know-how – in particular, those of custom alloys on an SG-cast iron basis.

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