Fittings and Fixtures

In their simplest form, fittings have been part of human civilization for centuries. Starting in ancient Greece and Rome, manually operated blockage panels made of wood were used to regulate waterworks, including aqueducts, meadow irrigation, and for irrigation and drainage in grain and sawmills. Such blockage panels are still considered to be the predecessor of modern shut-off valves and as the archetype for today’s standard fittings and fixtures – one of the key branches of Brechmann-Guss’s business.

Nowadays, fittings such as slide valves or housings are crucial elements in­ heating/cooling and pipeline technology, where they function as shut-offs, metering zones, and safety controls. They can be found in all industrial and supply sectors, such as (public) utilities, chemical and petrochemical industries, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, energy management, and in environmental protection sectors. Their uses run the gamut from drinking water to volatile gases, up to industrial-strength fittings for uses involving highly aggressive chemicals.

valve and fitting are made of ductile iron for more than 70 years in shipping industry, in water supply and various applications as safety parts.
armatures made of iron castings for drinking water supply ensures survival of the local population.

Due to ever-higher technical specifications, the fittings industry has generated a multitude of incredibly diverse products which are (depending on construction) suitable for aggressive, toxic, or corrosive media, for severe temperatures ranging from well below freezing up to 650° C (1200° F), or for high-pressure regions of more than 400 bar.

We have risen to the challenge of all of these variants. Whether high-strength fittings made from ADI or high-quality SG cast iron; water fixtures made from traditional gray iron; or temperature-resistant materials for low-(LINK) or high-(LINK)-temperature applications: we have what you need!