Freedom in form design is the defining feature of our production technology. This freedom, together with a broad, customizable slate of casting materials, results in a broad flexible product palette of parts and components. From replaceable wear-and-tear components, to complex cylinder heads and engine blocks, and beyond to turbocharger housings and exhaust manifolds –the parts we offer are as varied as the industrial sectors we serve.

Industrial Sectors of our customers

Safety components in drivetrain application made of ADI / ausferritic graphite cast iron up to 100 kg part weight.

Automotive suppliers and conveyance – Use of components optimized for design and material

in drivetrain technology castings made of ausferritic graphite cast iron ( ADI ) up to 30 kg casting weight are in use.

Gearing and transmissions – precision castings and wear-resistant materials such as ADI

iron forundry is casting iron components made of ADI 8ausferritic cast iron) and GGG ( spheroidal graphite cast iron) for commercial vehicle technology up to 250 kg part weight.

Commercial vehicle industry and large-scale engines, including use of heat-resistant materials such as Ni-Resist or SiMo

Core intensive castings made of spheroidal cast iron or ADI for oil exploration technology ( even in Off-shore applications) are moulded in automized iron foundries

Automotive suppliers and conveyance – Use of components optimized for design and material

Building component made of ADI and Spheroidal graphite cast iron are used in various applications in ICE and Intercity as safety parts.

Rail vehicle technology – manufacture of safety-critical components as a Q-1 supplier for German Rail (Deutsche Bahn)

Devices out of grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron are worldwide under use in chemical industry and oil production as safety components.

Fittings and fixtures industry – sealed castings for all media, in compliance with all relevant industrial standards and certifications

Safety components out of spheroidal graphite cast iron and ausferritic graphite cast iron ( ADI ) are under use in manifold applications in road construction / building construction

Precision castings and wear-resistant materials such as ADI

In crane technology a lot of structural components made of iron castings with additional surface treatment under use.

Freedom of design, for all facets of general-purpose mechanical engineering and construction of custom machinery