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We therefore place great value on qualified employees and are a recognized training location (Ausbildungsbetrieb) in the region.

Apprenticeships for both technical and commercial career tracks begin each year in late summer. BRECHMANN-GUSS offers positions in the apprentice track for:

  • Foundry Mechanic with a Concentration in Mechanical Moulding)

  • Industrial Managment Assistant

We are always on the lookout for qualified technicians and engineers who are interested in settling in the area; we also offer chances for those looking to change careers. Whether as a trainee, as ­assistant to the head of manufacturing, or as a production engineer, entry into our company is possible on many levels, thanks to our position as a flexibly oriented, midsized business. It is not outdated hierarchies and title snobbishness, but rather achievements, that count here.

We are also happy to offer engineering students an opportunity to get to know us and our line of work through completion of a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Diploma Thesis. A collectively successful future requires both the right candidate and a company to employ him/her creatively. Let’s get started – ideally, together.

  • Während der laufenden Produktion werden fertigungsbegleitend Bauteile aus Gusseisen mit Ultraschall auf Fehlerfreiheit überprüft.
  • Von der QS werden Eisengussbauteile zum Röntgen an externe Dienstleister gegeben, um die Fehlerfreiheit gemäß Zeichnungsvorgaben zu überprüfen und nachzuweisen

The name BRECHMANN-GUSS stands for quality in the production of iron-based castings. Founded in 1877, our company combines years of experience with critical, forward-thinking innovation. Our employees – their committment, their personal and technical knowledge and experience, and their particular abilities within a team – are our most important resource.

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