Our Motto:
If you can draw it, we can cast it!

Machine Design and Construction

Machine design and construction is one of the classics among the engineering disciplines. This area focuses on the concept development, design, and production of machines – all of it based the available manufacturing methods.

The precursors to this discipline are as old as humanity itself: the very first hand axes were made to shave, scrape, and cut. During the Stone Age, more specialized shapes were added for drilling and sawing. The discovery of copper ushered in the transition to the Bronze Age, in which melting, forging, and casting of metals were discovered.

This partnership between design, construction, and the tools of both continues today, not least in the parallel work on the same project by customer and manufacturer known as Simultaneous Engineering.

The engineers, technicians, and skilled workers who work for our customers spend their days with the design, optimization, research and development, production, and sale of all manner of components and machines. And we are working with them.

Only close cooperation between different departments, with their different areas of expertise, will lead to the best possible end product. One of our aids in achieving that aim is the freedom of design that is characteristic of our branch of production technology, and which distinguishes it across the spectrum of standard and custom machinery design and production.

This spectrum is diverse: from electrode fasteners in aluminium smelters; to moveable tables for machine tools; cams; wheels; machine beds and supports; holders for tools, pumps, and spindles; drivetrain elements; and housings and coverings.

  • ADI-housing made of ausferritic cast iron in a low temperature application under high load in metro Moskow.

We subscribe to the principle that anything that can be designed on paper can also be cast. And we are ready and waiting to do so, with any material – regardless of whether gray or SG cast iron, or even materials with specialized characteristics such as Ni-Resist of ADI, in any form and any size – we’re on it.

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